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The increasing bullets and circular reference, represents our Corporate Core values which combined lead to our key capability of bringing Leadership to our customers.  Each value is linked and intertwined. 

Applying our Core values of Fairness, Growth, Reliability, Integrity, Diversity, Collaboration, and Balance in everything we do enables us to provide strong leadership to our customers.     

At Black Ridge Defence we utilize a collaborative approach to work with your teams to identify strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. We deliver solutions to build and grow your business within the Canadian market.  


  • In the pursuit of growth many Companies can handle the known issues they face as these are usually visible and easily identifiable – in essence we see them clearly as indicated on the white side of the mountains.
  • Black Ridge Defence helps you navigate the sides we don't see at first – sometimes hidden or just not aware depicted by the black side.  We help bring the two sides together to reach the top of the Ridge with Integrity promoting Collaboration to achieve growth.   


Founded in 2021, Black Ridge Defence Inc. provides consultancy specializing in Canadian Defence Procurement, Complex Program Management and Corporate Executive Leadership.  We look forward to working closely with your teams to build towards meeting your next strategic goals. 


Alain Gauthier


Alain Gauthier is a proven senior manager who has repeatedly demonstrated highly refined leadership, project management, consensus building, and change management skills which have resulted in a recognized superior track record in attaining business and operational goals. 

An effective and articulate communicator, he has transformed organizations through innovative and collaborative ways ranging from concepts, to strategies through the implementation of concrete action plans. He is also an excellent negotiator with the ability to establish and lead high performance teams who have, and continue, to rapidly resolve complex problems and complete the project or mission. 

Alain Gauthier is a versatile, dynamic and proven performer with excellent experience in military and Canadian industry and is regarded as someone who “delivers”.

Carly Bryant

Contracting & Administration

Carly Bryant is a dedicated and versatile professional with a diverse range in administrative, contract management and public relations experience. 

Carly leverages exceptional communication skills in order to foster ongoing professional relationships with key stakeholders and work collaboratively with diverse teams. She is consistently recognized for her strength in balancing multiple competing tasks while adapting to fast-paced, high pressure environments. Her meticulous attention to detail help her clearly identify inefficiencies and propose or implement solutions that promote process improvement. 

Overall, has an incredible work ethic which is defined by high levels of professionalism, integrity and reliability.   

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